The SC Fuels program is a wholesale price + markup model with daily fluctuation in pricing for diesel fuel. At this time, it is only active for fueling in California. The wholesale price is based on the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) market pricing for diesel. Each Monday, SC Fuels will make available the day’s price for diesel at different rack locations across Southern California.

The VAS Team will distribute this to the Amazon Carriers with active dedicated capacity in the following domiciles: FAT, OAK-E, OAK-W, ONT, SMF, and RNO.

Disclaimer to Amazon Carriers: Pricing varies per day and is subject to change. While we do not foresee significant variance in the pricing, the pricing is not static. We anticipate that this pricing will be better than Retail Minus at other fueling locations.

Offer is only valid through the Amazon Carrier Program Comdata Fuel Card: each SC Fuels location is configured with the daily pricing for cost savings associated with the use of the Comdata Fuel Card.