Cardholder IDs are assigned to individuals to use as PINs (personal identification numbers) for vehicle cards. Through Cardholder ID Maintenance, you can:

  • Add Cardholder IDs.
  • Delete Cardholder IDs. This should be done anytime a cardholder leaves your company.

1. On the ICD home page, select Manage > Fleet Assets.

Select manage and then fleet assets

2. Select Cardholder ID Maintenance.

Select cardholder ID maintenance

3. The Cardholder ID Maintenance – View List page opens. Select a different account code and customer ID if necessary.

Optionally, you can use the Search By field to filter your results by Cardholder ID, Last Name, or First Name.

Enter the corresponding search value in the Search Value field. When ready, click Search.

Cardholder ID maintenance view list

4. The page refreshes and displays all cardholders within your selected account code and customer ID.

cardholder ID maintenance page

From here, you have several options in the left-hand menu.

Select Add from the left-hand menu to add an additional vehicle. You can also select View List/Delete to return to the Cardholder ID Maintenance – View List page at any time.

Select Add Cardholder ID

The Cardholder ID Maintenance – Add Screen page opens.

Enter all required information in the displayed fields and select Submit. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.

Use the drop-down to select a Cardholder ID that currently exists in the system. This method allows you to assign unassigned IDs.

cardholder ID maintenance add screen

Selecting Add Additional Cardholder Ids displays additional rows and selecting Reset All Fields clears all fields of any information you entered.

You should see an “Update Successful,” message after selecting Submit. Note that your changes may not apply immediately.

Select Upload Unassigned ID to upload Cardholder IDs that have not been assigned to a cardholder.

select upload unassigned ID

The unassigned IDS will need to be an Excel spreadsheet. A message also displays informing you of how unassigned Cardholder IDs currently exist in the system.

cardholder ID maintenance file upload screen

Select View List/Delete to edit or delete a cardholder.

Select View List Delete

On the Cardholder ID Maintenance – View List page, click Edit on one of the cardholders.

cardholder ID maintenance click Edit

The Cardholder ID Maintenance – Edit Cardholder page opens.

You can edit the cardholder’s last and first name, driver license number, and driver license state.

Click Submit to save your changes and return to the Cardholder ID Maintenance – View List page.

cardholder ID maintenance edit cardholder

Back on the Cardholder ID Maintenance – View List page, you can delete a cardholder by selecting the Delete checkbox and clicking Submit.

You can also select Delete All and click Submit to remove all cardholder IDs in the list.

delete cardholder ID

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