FleetAdvance is Comdata’s fuel management console providing map-based and analytical views into your fuel purchasing and driver behavior. FleetAdvance works through a scoring system that evaluates each fuel transaction as it occurs, showing how each fueling decision ranks against potential cost-saving alternatives. FleetAdvance scores are based on the amount a driver paid versus what they could have spent at a cheaper location, considering your company’s discounts.

FleetAdvance includes four applications:

  • Console. A fuel transaction scoreboard. The console uses color-coded pins to show you where your drivers fueled and to score the value of their transactions. The console also shows your current fuel spend and savings for the current day.
  • Customer Dashboard. A dashboard providing a roll-up view of all your accounts and customer IDs.
  • Opportunity Analyzer. A dynamic analytics tool that provides insight into your fuel-saving opportunities and allows you to measure areas of improvement.
  • Advisor. A map console that allows you to enter details for an upcoming trip to receive information on the best-priced fuel stops along the route.

Follow this guide to learn how to access and use each feature of FleetAdvance.

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