The FleetAdvance Customer Dashboard (iConnectData > FleetAdvance QuickLink >Dashboard) offers an overall view of your company’s performance by individual account and customer ID. Key features and benefits of the dashboard include:

  • Insight into your company’s fueling performance
  • Ability to manage large fleets with multiple customer IDs
  • An aggregated view of details on scores, spend, and savings potential
  • Month-by-month comparisons

The FleetAdvance Customer Dashboard is our way of providing a simple snapshot of your fleet’s performance, which can help you make better fueling decisions.

This dashboard is made up of four unique sections. Follow the guidelines to learn how to use each section and its benefit to you.

A. Account and Month Selection

The data in the dashboard rolls up to your highest access level. For example, if you have account code access, you can review the overall performance of your assigned accounts and drill down into their associated customer IDs.

The top of the page displays the name associated with your default account (or customer ID). If you have multiple, a drop-down is available for additional selection. The dashboard opens to the current month, reflecting the current month. Up to 12 months of data is available, which provides a historical view of your performance.

B. Overall Savings

The first three sections (Average Score, Unrealized Savings, Captured Savings) provide a snapshot of your overall savings.

To view the makeup of these numbers, drill down by selecting the “+” sign. For example, if you are at the account access level and drill down into Unrealized Savings, you can see a dollar amount of missed savings for each associated customer ID. The drill-down will display the first five lowest performers so you’ll know who needs immediate attention.

To view the makeup of an individual customer ID’s performance, select the red graph from the initial drill down to be directed to the Opportunity Analyzer.

A brief description is provided for each section of the Dashboard so you know exactly what the displayed number means and its affect on you.

C. Missed Opportunities

The next three sections (Unrealized Savings as % of total spending, Average Price Per Gallon Differential, Stops Scoring Less Than 100) represent areas where you’ve lost savings opportunities. The fourth section, Total Cost Avoidance, is a more positive number, reflecting the actual dollar amount saved by your fuel scores falling under 100.

The first three sections display a percentage difference between the current month’s performance and the previous month’s. The higher the percentage is, the more money you’re losing in comparison.

D. Monthly Totals

This section compares monthly totals between the selected month and the previous month.
This information is beneficial in comparing your volume of monthly activity so you can see how it directly relates to your performance scores. Remember, the data for the current month is month-to-date, so the numbers on the right could change as the month progresses.

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